(Based on a true story)
by Britni Brault

It was my first day of school today.
I was so excited to make new friends, read books and play.
Until the girl in the boots yelled at me
And told me I couldn’t climb the tree.

Recess started, my feet hit the floor.
A tree sat majestic, I couldn’t wait to explore.
As soon as I started up the limbs and got higher,
I heard a shrill voice like the school was on fire!
“Get down! Who are you?! That’s ours! No way!”
I got down, turned around and watched safely at bay.

She was pretty, stood confident, surrounded by friends.
Her shiny new boots didn’t need any mends.
She declared it their tree and climbed with each boot,
One after another her posse followed suit.

Her boots are blue, pink, yellow and green,
But it isn’t her shoes, it’s her mouth that was mean.
Maybe it is her boots that make her that way?
If they’re tight, pinch or sting, that would give anyone a bad day.
I don’t think it’s her boots.
I think she’s just mad,
Shouting bossy commands, making new kids sad.

After school I told my mommy about my whole day.
She suggested I pray and just stay away.
I’ll listen to my mommy and let that girl be—
Secretly hoping she falls out of the tree!THEGIRLINTHEBOOTS(Use)



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