Show Your Disney Side

I was commissioned to create this campaign piece for Show Your Disney Side about a year ago. We believe everyone and everything has a #DisneySide. Your dog at a fire hydrant could be Pluto getting drenched by a Jungle Cruise elephant. Dumbo flying through the clouds at the Disney parks is reminiscent of a jumbo jet airliner (Dumbo’s mother named him Jumbo Jr. at the beginning of the story). Even your local market could be selling apples to entice you like the wicked witch in Snow White. What’s your #DisneySide?

It was a pleasure to work with The Walt Disney Company. A special thank you to Gary Buchanan , John Graham , Jennifer Fickley-Baker and their teams. It was Gary’s vision, I just helped bring it to life.
Also, thank you Orange County Crating and Acrylic Designs Inc. This large piece needed a custom acrylic case and was shipped from California to Florida without any damage.

Disney Parks Blog (Click here for article)

Time-lapse video:


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