The Drawing Club – Moulin Rouge

10898042_771113866315097_2815763444439204022_n Finished maquette



Standing room only. 10341679_770582329701584_857805270499656085_nFirst attempt. Redone with a stronger appeal.

The Drawing Club, with professor Bob Kato, moved to a new location. Gallery Nucleus is now hosting the class. Moulin Rouge was the theme for the evening and the model, Sara Streeter, was fabulous.

I have been attending this class for a couple of years. This is the first time I didn’t draw but used paper. I have hesitated to be the only one not drawing, but it went well. Last Thursday was full of energy and talent. It was invigorating to create in an environment like that.

Great artists like John Musker, Ron Husband, Mike Swofford, Brett Bean, Lizzie Nichols and many more attended. Their work was published in Bob Kato’s most recent book, The Drawing Club : Master the Art of Drawing Characters from Life.



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