Raspberry Ice, Cakes & Tea-Finished


7 thoughts on “Raspberry Ice, Cakes & Tea-Finished

  1. Thank you, Brittney Lee! Your comment will be treasured. I just dropped it off at the Walt Disney Archives, I don't know if your building is anywhere near the Frank Wells building. I did joke with them to break a small piece or two off so you could come fix it and they all knew who you were when I said it;)

  2. Dear Britini, hello!I am Selene Conti and I participated in the competition for Mary Poppins, I was selected with my mary poppins teapot and my piece will be on display at the expo! I'm very excited for this wonderful news! But I am writing to let you know that your piece of art is really nice and it deserves the win!! Congratulations! Greetings from Italy!http://www.selenecontiofficialblog.blogspot.it/

  3. Selene Conti, Thank you very much for taking the time to write and congratulate me. It is an honor for our work just to be there. I look forward to seeing your piece in person. Thank you and congratulations to you also. -Britni Brault


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